NIA Member Cerion Advanced Materials invests $1.5 million to become dedicated analytics facility for nanoscale materials
Cerion Advanced Materials has invested $1.5 million in analytical equipment to bring routine characterization of metal, metal oxide, and ceramic nanomaterials in-house.
Chemspec Nanopavilion 2019 Webinar
NIA was delighted to host a webinar introducing participants in the 2019 Chemspec NanoPavilion and you can catch up with our presenters on our YouTube Channel.
Read NIA's latest NanoNews
NIA's latest newsletter NanoNews is now available HERE.
NIA comments to Basel Convention and nanowaste
NIA has provided its comments to the United Nations ‘Report on issues related to waste containing nanomaterials and options for further work under the Basel Convention'. The report is comprehensive and provide an overview of the current aspects of waste containing nanomaterial.  However, NIA points out that a number of the issues presented, are...
NIA welcomes new members FIOH, Mathym and VSParticle
NIA is happy to welcome two new additions to the family: FIOH and VSParticle to kick start 2019. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) is a multidisciplinary research and specialist organization that focuses on well-being at work, research, advisory services and training. We operate under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as...
EC SCHEER publishes a statement on emerging issues including nano aspects
The European Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) published 11 January 2019, a statement and a position paper on emerging risks.
NIA launches Nanopavilion for Chemspec 2019
We are delighted to launch the Nanopavilion, showcasing Members and nanotechnology at important industrial meetings around Europe. The Nanopavilion is a dedicated stand over 40m², with individual booths for NIA Members, creating a focal point for nano within large scale conferences and enabling NIA members of all sizes to gain maximum exposure.
France puts banning Titanium dioxide, E171, on hold, as evidence is missing
Following an announcemnet in Frence TV on January 8, and a report in Le Monde, the Minister for Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, has confirmed that a potential ban of E171 in food in France is under the responsibility of his Ministry. However, he considers that the currently available information on the additive was not sufficient to conclude it...
Watch again...NIA open webinars
In 2018, NIA was pleased to launch two new open webinar series; Nano in Action and Nano in Business, in addition to our open Regulatory Priorities webinars. These are open to non-Members and, for 2019, we are making it easier to keep up with NIA webinars if your busy life prevents you from attending them live.
Catch up with the NIA Christmas Newsletter
Catch up with the NIA Christmas Newsletter!  We offer a festive review of regulatory news in 2018, together with a warm welcome to all the Members that joined this year.
NIA co-authored report published by EC 'NanoData landscape compilation'
NIA is pleased to announce the EC publication of a report it co-authored as part of the NanoData project which ended in 2017.  The 350 page report is a comprehensive insight into the scientific, policy and commercial ecosystem for the support and performance of nanotechnologies and materials.
NIA welcomes BNNano, Inc., Brec Solutions and Centre for Process Innovation as Members
In a busy December, NIA welcomed three new Members to its nano-community.
Revised REACH Annexes to cover nanomaterials published
On 3 November, 2018, Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1881 was published which address nanomaterials and nanoforms of substances falling under REACH.  The text was adopted in April 2018, and after scrutiny by the Council and the Parliament it is now published. The regulation shall apply from 1 January 2020. 
NanoReg2 December Newsletter
NanoReg2, a Horizon 2020 project establishing Safe by Design (SbD) as a fundamental pillar in the discovery, screening and commercialisation of novel nanomaterials and nano enabled products, has published its 5th project newsletter.
Meeting reports from 12th ECHA Nanomaterial Expert Group Meeting and ECHA Nano Implementation Workshop 8-9 November
NIA Meeting Reports from these two meetings are now available to NIA Members (Direct link, log in required
NIA hosts 'Nano in Action: Nanomaterials in Textiles' webinar
NIA kick started its new webinar series 'Nano in Action' with a focus on applications into textiles. The 90 minute webinar featured three speakers:
NIA Member Cerion publishes key trends in High Performance Optical Coatings for Advanced Materials
Cerion, a US Member of NIA that specialises in custom design, scale-up and manufacture of specialty inorganic advanced and nano-sized materials, has published a report into the five strongest trends in high performance optical coatings. The report focuses on coatings including High refractive index, Anti-reflection, High reflective, Optical filter...
Nanosafe Conference with NIA Members, partners and friends. Farewell to George...
NIA was pleased to spend a busy week in Grenoble with friends and family at the Nanosafe conference.  Focussing on industrial approaches to safety within nanomaterials and technologies, NIA presented, co-chaired, exhibited and roud-tabled for 4 days.  The following short report summarises NIA activities and highlights from the meeting.