Building Confidence for Risk Assessment and Governance of Nanomaterials: The caLIBRAte Project
The caLIBRAte project has established a risk risk governance framework and web-based platform to support governance of existing and emerging manufactured nanomaterials and nano-enabled products.
ECHA publishes draft CoRAP for 2020-2022 where some substances have a nanoform
EHCA published today (23 October) its 'Draft Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) update for years 2020-2022' The list contains 76 entries where 60 substances are to be evaluated in 2021 and 2022 and 14 during 2020. In the list of substances, there are no initial grounds for concern for nanoforms of substances in particular. However, there are...
EUON asks for input on future nanostudies
The European Observatory on Nanomaterials (EUON) has published an open invite for interested parties to suggest topics for upcoming studies in the area of nanomaterials that can be as a desk top study during a 3-9 month time period. The suggestions should be submitted before 15 Jaunary 2020.  EUON states: 
ECHA urges preparation to update nanomaterial information by 1 January 2020
ECHA recently provided additional information in a press release of 8 October related to nanomaterials and REACH.  From1 January 2020 additional information on nanoforms of substances will need to be provided in REACH dossiers. The amendments of the REACH Annexes for nanomaterials (nanoforms) apply to all new and existing registrations covering...
September version of ECHA Nanoform guidance published. Final version expected before end of 2019
The process to publish the 'Appendix on recommendations for nanomaterials applicable to the Guidance on Registration and Guidance on Substance ID' is moving ahead where the latest version, shared with the September meeting of CARACAL is now publicly available (September version, pdf) at the ECHA Ongoing Consultation page.
ECHA to host nanoform and REACH webinar on November 12 - Registration open
The European Chemicals Agency will host a webinar 'Revised REACH information requirements for nanoforms: are you ready?' on 12 November at 11:00 - 13:30 EET (GMT +2). 
Powdered titanium dioxide (TiO2) to be classified as carcinogen by inhalation
Following the CARACAL meeting (Competent authorities Meeting for REACH and CLP regulations) on 18 September, the European Commission will move forward with its controversial proposal to classify titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a ‘Carcinogen category 2’ for its inhalation hazard, with classification code H351 (inhalation).
EUON study finds EU regulatory framework ready for the next generation of nanomaterials
The study looked into “next generation” nanomaterials and whether the current terminology used in the EU chemicals regulations, as well as the implementation of the current legal requirements for identifying nanomaterials, are likely to pose technical challenges for these “next generation” materials.
NIA welcomes Promethean Particles as a new Member
NIA is delighted to welcome UK-based Promethean Particles as a new Corporate Member.  Promethean operates the world’s largest continuous multi-material nanoparticle manufacturing plant, using continuous hydrothermal synthesis, where nanoparticulate materials are produced by mixing superheated/supercritical water with a solution of a metal salt (...
NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter Summer 2019
The NanoSafety Cluster newsletter for summer 2019 is now out. Read all about NanoSafety Cluster week in Copenhagen, 7-10 October  including the caLIBRAte final workshop as well as about the PATROLS and City Care workshop on 3D cell cultures which took place in July. Read here.  
July Nano News Published
NIA is pleased to launch the July edition of our Newsletter NanoNews.
NIA measures economic health of nanomaterial production and use
NIA has launched a short survey to assess what indicators are valuable to assess the economic health of nanomaterials.    Production and use of nanomaterials is often difficult to measure, with few companies strongly branded for their production and use, despite widespread applications across sectors.  Company focus is primarily on products...
SCCS publish opinion on solubility of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) nano
On 3 July the Europan Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) published their Opinion on the Solubility of of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS). 
NIA launches survey on training and assessment for nanomaterials safety
As a partner in H2020 projects key to advancing nanomaterials safety assessment, NIA has launched a short survey to ask its community how if/how undertakes training for staff in nanomaterials safety and if it undertakes any in vitro assessment of materials. The survey is short and participants can remain anonymous.  The survey supports two H2020...
NIA's Nanopavilion at Chemspec
NIA was proud to host its inaugural Nanopavilion at Chemspec on June 26-27 in Basel.  Eight NIA Members from Europe, US and Canada joined us on the 40m² pavilion dedicated to nanotechnology, building their profile to global business clients and helping showcase what nano can do for you.  
Environment Council conclusions on nanomaterials
On 26 June the EU Environment Minsters adopted conclusions from their meeting. Among the conclusions nanomaterials were mentioned as follows:
EC call for data on nano gold, platinum and copper as cosmetic ingredients - Deadline 10 November 2019
On 11 June 2019, the Commission published a call for data to get information on of gold, platinum and copper under the framework of the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.