Yesterday, NIA hosted a webinar on the  Safe Use of Nanomaterials in the Lab with over 150 registrations.

With the rapid growth of nanomaterials within innovation, laboratory research increasingly includes complex and advanced materials at early stages of development. This webinar addressed the critical occupational health and safety aspects of working with nanomaterials in the lab and heard from three expert presenters from lab development, occupational safety and nanomaterials research.


  • Occupational health and safety for nanomaterials: Finnish Institute Occupational Health (Tomi Kanerva)
  • Nanosafety in Laboratories: Burdinola (Marc Pujol, Ekaitz Olaguenaga)
  • Safe working with Nanomaterials: University of Birmingham (Iseult Lynch)

The webinar is now available on our YouTube channel. Watch it HERE.