In a busy December, NIA welcomed three new Members to its nano-community.

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) works to develop products and processes that enhance health and well-being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries.  It operates across diverse markets including Healthcare, Food & Agriculture, FMCG, Electronics, Energy, Transportation and Construction. CPI is able to support such a broad-base of industries through its unique innovation processes, together with our diverse and expanding platform of technological expertise. 


BREC Solutions Limited is one of the leading consultancies in nanotechnology innovation. We operate as a network of experts from all over the world covering all possible sectors impacted by nanotechnology. We offer services in research and development, information tracking, technology scouting, standardisation, and regulation briefings. Our network covers nanotechnology sectors such as environmental sciences, food, pharmaceuticals, energy and composites.  We have a unique specialisation in nanotechnology standardisation where we monitor all nanotechnology standards, contribute to some and draft a few selected documents at ISO, IEC and CEN standardisation committees working on terminology, characterisation, material specifications and applications.


BNNano manufactures boron nitride nanotubes and NanoBarbs.  Nanotubes have become a material of significant interest due  high thermal stability, high thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, very high strength and stiffness, and super hydrophobicity. BNNano’s proprietary manufacturing process enhances these properties and characteristics by nano-plating h-BN along the exterior surface to create a NanoBarb.