NIA is delighted to welcome more Members to its growing family, with three new nano experts to the Association.

  • Blue Frog Scientific (IE, UK) offers scientific and regulatory affairs services with particular experience in chemicals, human pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines and agrochemicals.
  • French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), based across 9 sites in France, undertakes research, Development and innovation in defence/security, low carbon energies, technological research for industry and fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.
  • Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association (CZ) represents nanotech companies from across sectors, from the textile industry to biotechnology, environmental applications, optics, and energy.  Members use nanotechnology in manufacturing or in applications, while others develop and manufacture final nanomaterials or products.

As with all our Members, across the nanotechnology spectrum, they will play an active role in sharing their expertise across other Members and contributing to NIA's support for robust and successful nanotechnology for citizens and markets.  NIA will support and promote their activities globally and bring their voices into our dialogue with policy makers, regulators and potential partners.