NIA Member IMEC and Energyville recently set a new efficiency record for photovoltaic (PV) using a 4-terminal Perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaic cell. The recorded efficiency was 27.1%.

The group leader for thin-film photovoltaics at IMEC, Tom Aeronouts, opened up the floor for relevant companies to develop partnerships, and stated that “Adding Perovskite on top of industrial silicon PV may prove to be the most cost-effective approach to further improve the efficiency of photovoltaics. Therefore, we invite all companies in the PV value chain that are looking into higher efficiencies, to partner with us and explore this promising path.”

The team achieved the high efficiency using a 0.13 cm2 spin-coated Perovskite microcrystal cell stacked on top of a 4 cm2 industrial interdigitated back-contact (IBC) silicon cell in the 4-terminal configuration. The efficiencies achieved by the researchers is greater than the most efficient stand-alone silicon cell on the marketplace today.

It is thought that more precise engineering approaches could yield efficiencies over 30%.

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