NIA Member Cabot, has just released its first extruded activated carbon product, NORIT® CNR 120, which is set to be the first in a series of advanced activated carbons targeted towards the automotive industry.

Emission regulations for automobiles are becoming more rigorous in many parts of the world, particularly in China, Europe and the US. The primary method of combatting emissions is through the absorption and desorption of hydrocarbon molecules and the most common technology out there to achieve this is activated carbon. 

Trevor Goodrich, Global Marketing Manager, Automotive, for Cabot’s Purification Solutions segment explained that “Achieving a high gasoline working capacity with a high purge efficiency but a low bleed emission, or leakage of gasoline when engine is not in use, is an extremely difficult technical challenge. Our CNR 120 extruded activated carbon is unique by enabling these properties in a single product. By using a single activated carbon grade rather than a series of different capacity carbons, the design of ELCD systems will be simplified significantly.”

This new series of activated carbons are designed to provide a maximum adsorption and desorption of volatile hydrocarbons (compared to the industry standard) whilst optimizing the control of diurnal bleed loss and onboard refuelling vapor recovery (ORVR) in gasoline-based vehicles.