As a partner in H2020 projects key to advancing nanomaterials safety assessment, NIA has launched a short survey to ask its community how if/how undertakes training for staff in nanomaterials safety and if it undertakes any in vitro assessment of materials.

The survey is short and participants can remain anonymous.  The survey supports two H2020 projects in which NIA is a partner:

caLIBRAte: a project due to launch the Nano Risk Governance Portal in October this year, which will support risk assessment and safe design/use of nanomaterials throughout the Cooper Stage Gate model.  caLIBRAte will develop support materials for users of the Portal and the training questions in the survey will help select the best training methods.

PATROLS: a project that is developing advanced 3D tissue models for the assessment of nanomaterials using more realistic exposure scenarios, with lower, repeat dose exposures over longer periods rather than acute short term exposure.  The survey supports project understanding of organisations that use in vitro  testing methods directly or through third parties.

CLICK HERE to undertake the survey and NIA thanks its community for support in building effective nanomaterials safety platforms.