There is increasing policy focus on the term ‘Advanced Materials’, with national governments and international frameworks starting to discuss potential safety and regulatory implications.  This is a conversation that needs clear industrial input and must avoid the assumption that ‘Advanced Materials’ are already recognised by industry as a distinct category of materials and treated as such, with additional safety or regulatory needs beyond existing frameworks.

This survey from NIA invites commercial actors within nanomaterials (producers, users and professional providers) to contribute their organisation's perception and use of the term ‘Advanced Materials’. It will only take 5-6 mins to complete (10 questions in total).

The survey closes on June 12 and NIA will share a public annonymised report of survey responses, present this to the OECD meeting 'Advanced materials - online conferences' and create a position paper with Members to provide clear industrial input to longer term research, policy and regulatory development.

All responses are confidential and any queries can be sent to