The world is focussed on anti-infective needs in all aspects of our lives - hand washing has played a fundamental role in reducing direct transmission from our hands but transfer of infection across objects and materials remains a high priority. Short-acting disinfection is not viable for the economic regeneration of our countries and nanomaterials are the future to enable long-term safe materials across our daily lives.

NIA Members are at the heart of innovations behind the integration of anti-viral nanomaterials:

Cerion has developed Certex-AM, a proven silver textile anti-microbial currently used by some of the most recognized consumer apparel brands in the world.  Manufacturers can integrate a green, high-performance antimicrobial into their established finishing processes and create products that will stay protective for more than 50 washes.

Promethean Particles is using nano-copper, as opposed to larger copper particles, a smaller mass of active material is required to achieve the same antimicrobial effect bringing both cost and process benefits to the manufacturer.  In conjunction with the Mexican research institute, CIQA, and textile trade association, NWTexNet, fibres embedded with copper nanoparticles manufactured by scientists from Promethean, have been sent to independent laboratories in the US and UK for anti-viral testing to ISO standards. If certified, it could open the door to the manufacture and supply of nonwoven fabrics and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as garments, face masks, hats, uniforms and bed linen, which is resistant to viruses - such as the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 - and will offer much needed improved protection for frontline health workers.

RAS AG will produce coating solutions for virus prevention on various surfaces/materials. These coatings also contain the active ingredient nanosilver.  Independent institutes then use standardized methods to determine their antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronavirus types. Like the antimicrobial coatings, the antiviral layers will provide additional protection in addition to cleaning and disinfection. Applications in shops, offices, public transport, health facilities (medical practices, hospitals, etc.) and much more have already been requested.