The European Commission has adopted Recommendation C(2022) 8854 establishing a European assessment framework for safe- and sustainable-by-design (SSbD) chemicals and materials.

The document aims at encouraging research and innovation in order to help replace hazardous substances in products and processes; this includes for instance food-contact materials (plastic wrap or food containers), textiles, or ICT products such as laptops or tablets. It supports the development of new chemicals and materials, the optimization or redesign of production processes, and the use of substances currently on the market to improve their safety and sustainability.

The publication of the Recommendation marks the opening of a testing period open to industry, academia, the research community and Member States, with a voluntary reporting mechanism for all stakeholders willing to use the framework as a guiding principle in their R&I activities. Based on the feedback received, the Commission will then revise the framework.

The full text of the Recommendation can be consulted at this link, with a supporting infographic available here.