​Membership categories

  • Corporate Members: ​Companies involved in the development, manufacturing, use, marketing or sale of nanomaterials or nano-enabled products at any stage of the value chain, including ICT products.
  • Associate Members: Organisations that provide a service (legal, technical, consultancy etc.). This category can include subsidiaries or divisions of large companies.
  • Affiliate Members: Organisations that do not fit into the above categories, including non-profit entities, national and international associations

​Membership benefits

All Members may take access of the following services:

  • Regulatory Monitoring Database
  • Global Regulatory Working Group - including topic nomination
  • Nanotechnology Innovation Council
  • Regulatory updates and consultations
  • Funding Tracker
  • Cross-sector collaboration activities
  • Initiation and priority status for project development
  • Member and Regulatory Digest newsletters
  • Free place at Annual Symposium
  • Listing within NIA website and in promotional materials produced
  • New Member presentation in welcome webinar, open to non-Members

​Find out more

To find out how your organisation can benefit from joining the NIA community, please contact us.  We ensure that Membership services fit your priorities and that you and your team are fully engaged in activities across the Association.

Find out how we can support you by contacting sean.kelly[at]nanotechia.org.