OCSiAl is the world's largest producer of graphene nanotubes and is the only company with scalable technology for their industrial synthesis. Graphene nanotubes, or single wall carbon nanotubes, are rolled-up graphene sheets. These nanotubes have unique properties – high electrical and thermal conductivity, remarkable strength and high length-to-diameter ratio. When graphene nanotubes are introduced into a material matrix, they create a reinforcing three-dimensional network that also gives the material conductive properties. OCSiAl produces nanotubes under the TUBALL™ brand name. and offers solutions for multiple industries, from Li-ion batteries, thermoplastics, thermosets to elastomers.
The company currently has a 75 tonne annual production capacity, and it plans to increase this up to 175 tonnes with the commissioning of the first train of a new plant in Luxembourg in 2023. Alongside its production apparel, OCSiAl has three R&D centers located in Russia, China and Luxembourg designed to support its clients worldwide.
OCSiAl is a global company with more than 450 employees. Headquartered in Luxembourg, it is represented in the USA, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Mexico, Japan, India, Australia, Germany and Malaysia. In addition to its own offices and representatives, OCSiAl has partners and distributors in 45 countries.

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