Event Dates: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - 10:00 to 13:00
Event Venue: 
Online event

The 2nd UK Advanced Materials Workshop will take place on 7th February 2023 after a successful 1st workshop which took place in April 2021. The aims of these workshops are to discuss and share knowledge with organisations having an interest in the safe commercialisation of Advanced Materials.

Our February 2023 workshop will focus on safety by design, and we look to industry to share their experience on the manufacturing of new advanced materials as well as looking at successful case studies. It will be an opportunity for participants to share their perspectives; from organisations developing advanced materials, businesses manufacturing and using advanced materials, and also regulators.

This knowledge sharing event will share views on the benefits of this new technology; including the societal benefits that may arise from this and the potential obstacles to the wider adoption of advanced materials. The aim of the event will be to identify potential obstacles to the adoption and use of advanced materials across their life cycle of use. This includes research and development, manufacturing and production, health, safety and environment as well end of life and sustainability.

Philosophy of the Event: To promote knowledge sharing between the attendees to identify potential obstacles to the adoption including the regulatory environment for supporting the development of an Advanced Materials economy.

Speakers include:

Why Advanced Materials? - Dr Robert Quarshie – Deputy Director of the Knowledge Transfer Network

Challenges in the production phase of advanced materials - thinking about life cycle assessment - Dr Selina Ambrose – Promethean Particles

Considering safety by design as a regulatory consultancy for SME’s using advanced materials - Dr Neil Hunt – Yordas Group

Exposure Scenarios of Graphene in applications: A Case Study - Dr Steve Hodge - Chief Technology Officer. Cambridge Graphene Centre

Implementing the UK Innovation Strategy - Dr Izzy Webb - Head of Technology Strategy at BEIS

Challenges involved in moving from traditional polymers to more sustainable options - Dan Jarvis - Plastribution Ltd

Breakout sessions will also be held to discuss:

  • What are the main obstacles (regulatory, EHS, standardization, funding etc) you face when developing new advanced materials? What support could be offered to overcome these obstacles?
  • Do you apply the concept of safe(r) by design when working with or developing new advanced materials? What support could be offered to encourage the use of safety by design?
  • Do you face any EHS obstacles when considering the end of life of new advanced materials?”

Organising committee

Charles Clifford, Mark Gee, Stephanie Kitchen, Fernando Castro, National Physical Laboratory

Fatima Nasser, Defra

Frances Heale, BEIS

Alex Price, BSI

Delphine Bard, Health and Safety Executive

Rachel Smith, UK Health Security Agency

It is free to participate in this invitation only event but registration is essential to receive the joining link which will be sent with a reminder the day before the workshop. UK participants only