NIA regulatory and open webinars


Nano in Action: Nano in Agriculture, 26 April 2021
Nanotechnology has shown potential in introducing new innovations into agriculture from nanofertilizers and nanopesticides, through to the use of sensors for crop monitoring and nanofilters for cleaning agricultural wastewater. Similarly, the use of nanomaterials in foods is also an area that has shown promise, with many research projects focussing on how to make use of nano in food ingredients and also in the production of foodstuffs, such as using nano sensors. This webinar presents a snapshot of some of these topics and shows some of the work being undertaken in this field. WATCH
Nano in Business: Designing a global trade strategy for nanomaterials, 10 March 2021
In this webinar, NIA DG Chiara Venturini sets the scene on recent and upcoming global trade developments. Ted Kalmbach, Chief Strategy Officer at NIA member BNNANO, presents the experience of a US-based nanomaterial company on growing international sales and partnerships. Finally, we hear from Joe Pivarunas, Founder and Managing Editor of Nanalyze, on the investment angle. WATCH
Innovations in the Research/ Industry Interface to Better Commercialise Nanomaterials, 10 Feb 2021
This webinar looks at how to innovate at the interface between research and industry and how organisations on each side can get value out of the relationship. It brings together an innovative research centre and two of its industrial partners to discuss the ways and benefits of collaboration. WATCH
Public Private Partnerships to Advance Pre-Competitive Nanosafety - 9 Dec 2020
NIA Members Vireo Advisers, IMEC and industrial partner Fiberlean helps us understand how industrial collaboration works and benefits the sector as a whole. WATCH
Safe Use of Nanomaterials in the Lab - 3 Nov 2020
This webinar addresses the critical occupational health and safety aspects of working with nanomaterials in the lab and hears from three expert presenters from lab development, occupational safety and nanomaterials research. WATCH
Scale up of nanomaterials manufacture -25 May 2020
NIA takes a look at how scale up is being achieved for nanomaterials, with new actors entering the market at the small and large scale. WATCH
Nanomaterials manufacture during COVID 19 disruption - 5 April 2020
NIA Member Cerion is a US-based contract manufacturer of nanomaterials which has stayed at full operational capacity for the supply of essential materials during the COVID outbreak. Listen to the Cerion team discuss how they planned and implemented safe operation, before NIA Members discuss aspects of manufacture and good practise. WATCH
Nano in Business: Nanomaterials for dual use - 22 Jan 2020
Find out how nanomaterials can be developed for dual use, with the associated technical, regulatory and business pathways. Speakers: Joanneum Research and VESTLIFE Project. WATCH
Regulatory priorities within nanotechnology -10  Dec 2019
Watch this webinar dedicated to the regulatory priorities within nanotechnology for 2020. WATCH

Nano In Business: How to sell nanomaterials - 15 Nov 2019
Webinar dedicated to the tricky business of how to successfully sell nanomaterials. It brings together three NIA members with diverse products and company structure. WATCH
Nano In Business: Opportunities for European funding for the Nanotechnology Industry in 2020 and beyond - 16 Oct 2019
Hosted jointly with NCP Brussels and Entreprise Europe Network, this webinar takes a look at H2020 funding opportunities in the pipeline for 2020 and the shape of Horizon Europe for nanotechnology and advanced materials. WATCH
Nano in Action: Nanosafety - 7 May 2019
Hear about the latest research and support tools that will advance the development of safe materials from speakers involved in human and environmental safety research and services, and understand how regulations and standards are evolving to build commercial and consumer confidence in nanomaterials. WATCH
Nano in Business: Serving nanotchnology - 4 April 2019
A look at the critical role played by service providers in economic maturation of nanotechnology.  Speakers: Blue Frog Scientific and Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) WATCH.
National Nano Associations in the spotflight: Supporting your nano community - 29 Mar 2019
Explore the critical role that national associations play in supporting economic activities around technologies such as nano. NIA Members  Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, SwedNanoTech and BioNanoNet share their priorities and good practise. WATCH
Nano in Action: NanoCompositites - 19 Mar 2019
This webinar takes a look at opportunities and applications of nanomaterials into composites before hearing from NIA Members involved in nanocomposite development: Conventive Composites (UK), BNNano (US) & Pardam Nanotechnology (CZ). WATCH
Chemspec Nanopavilion 2019 - 6 Feb 2019

Meet our participants in the 2019 Chemspec NanoPavilion. Celluforce, Cerion, Chemycal, Yordas and Vito presented themselves and invited you to visit the NanoPavilion at Chemspec on June 26-27 in Basel. WATCH

Nano in Business: Commercialisation of nanomaterials - 24 Jan 2019
Hear from two commercial nanomaterial producers about their business models and the international commercial drivers that shape their work:Cerion (US) & VSParticle (NL). WATCH
Nano in Action : Nanomaterials in the textile sector - 15 Nov 2018
Webinar dedicated to the application of nanomaterials into textiles. Presentations  from the Nonwoven Innovations Research Institute, RAS AG and the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) . WATCH
Regulatory Priorities - 11 Oct 2018
Hear about the latest news on nanomaterials definition, REACH Annexes, the OECD Malta project and latest news on nanowaste management and transport. WATCH
Nanomaterials within REACH - 3 July 2018
This regulatory priorities webinar presents the position of nanomaterials with Reach Annex updates from April 2018 and the potential impact for companies in nanomaterials development. WATCH
Project webinars


Project Webinars

Introduction and presentation of PATROLS approach for algal testing - 25 Feb 2020

Introduction to the H2020-funded project PATROLS and its work to develop reliable algal testing SOPs for nanomaterials for use within regulatory relevant research. It introduces the LEVITATT (LED Vertical Illumination Table for Algal Toxicity Tests). WATCH

caLIBRAte Nano-Risk Governance Portal: Introduction and Launch - 31 Oct 2019

Watch to find out about the caLIBRAte Nano-Risk Governance Portal - a state-of-the-art one stop shop site to support nano-risk governance. WATCH


caLIBRAte: Building Confidence for Risk Assessment and Governance of Nanomaterials - 29 Oct 2019

The caLIBRAte project has established a risk governance framework and web-based platform to support governance of existing and emerging manufactured nanomaterials and nano-enabled products. WATCH

PATROLS project review  - 12 Dec 2018

Short interview with Professor Shareen Doak (University of Swansea), PATROLS project coordinator, introduces the project, summarising achievements during the first 12 months and looks ahead to priorities for 2019. WATCH
Meet SmartNanoTox - 29 Nov 2018

Vladimir Lobaskin (University College Dublin) and Ulla Vogel (NRCWE) introduce the H2020 project SmartNanoTox and its work within AOPs linked to nanomaterials inhaled exposure. WATCH

Introduction to the PATROLS project - 5 July 2018
This 30 minute webinar introduces the scientific drivers behind the PATROLS project, its scientific aims and activities plus the potential impact for industry, scientific research, regulators and consumers. WATCH