It is part of NIA's core mission to support the development of a robust regulatory framework and it works across sectors, countries and organisations.  Activities include:

Global Regulatory Monitoring

The NIA team tracks regulatory developments at National, European and Global level.  It informs Members of developments and likely impact on their activities through regular newsletters (Regulatory Digest, Member News), quarterly webinars on regulatory priorities and ​ad hoc​ webinars when required for specific issues.  In 2017, NIA delivered 14 newsletters, 3 dedicated regulatory priority webinars and specific webinars on topics including REACH annex updates and US TSCA legislation.


NIA responds to regulatory consultations from national, EU and international levels in order to reflect Member and industry concerns and priorities.  NIA prepares draft papers, disseminates and discusses these fully with Members and creates a final response for submission.  In 2017, NIA delivered 10 consultations at multiple levels, including national (registries), EU (REACH annex updates), US (TSCA) and global (OECD test guidelines) levels.

​Committee and stakeholder activities

NIA sits within a number of committees and working groups at EU and global level.  Through these groups, it represents industry priorities for long term regulatory and standards development and shares outcomes and requests for information with Members.  Groups include:

  • Full Member of BSI/NTI1 committee - participation in CEN, ISO and IEC committees
  • Liaison Member at international level for ISO/TC 229
  • Liaison Member at regional level for CEN/TC 352
  • Representation in European Commission CARACAL Competent Authority Sub-Group, CASG-nano
  • ECHA NanoMaterials Expert Group, ECHA NMEG
  • Stakeholder to ECHA and European Authority on Food Safety (EFSA)

​Global Regulatory Working Group

In 2017, NIA launched its Global Regulatory Working Group, to bring Members together around topics of key concern.  Topics identified for focus in 2018 are:

  • Collating nanomaterial definitions across sectors and territories worldwide.  Creating a guide to deifnitions, case studies and good practice from Members and creation of position papers on definition future priorities for industry
  • Collating national nanomaterial registries.  Creating a guide to different national registry requirements, with specific attention to exemtions, confidentialty etc. using cae studies and good practice from Members and creation of position papers on the future for national registries
  • Addressing the grouping of nanoforms for dossier preparation.  Creation of an intial problem statement regarding the grouping of nanoforms that can establish a base point across actors and from which a roadmap forwards can be developed

​More information HERE

​Regulatory Monitoring Database

NIA has developed a long term monitoring database, which tracks major regulations across sectors and provides updates and Member information.  The Database currently holds 44 regulatory topics and is accessible to Members through this website, and allows Members to stay informed and prepared for all regulatory requirements.

​More information HERE

​For more information on any activity and how to become involved as a Member, please visit our Membership page or contact chiara.venturini[at]



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