NIA takes part in international collaborations to help build the nanotechnology ecosystem, particularly for industry.  It works throughout the value chain to ensure that development activities take into account industry needs for long term viability, building a balanced commercial environment for return on taxpayer investment into nanomaterials through publicly-funded research.




The iCare project -  focuses on assessing the physical-chemistry characteristics of ANMC in complicated matrices and seeks to provide a robust and adaptable collection of sophisticated imaging technologies. The primary goal will be on an integrated model system to characterise and forecast how nanomaterials may affect brain health to prevent nanomaterial toxicity. WEBSITE


LEARN is an European Project meant to control and evaluate the quality of indoor air and the impact it has on children’s health. Its cornerstone is to learn about the state of quality indoor air in schools around Europe and the cognition impact it can suppose on children doing compulsory education. To do so we will use new scientific methods and state-of-the art equipment. WEBPAGE


nanoPASS  will design cost-efficient high-throughput screening approaches for inhalation-related long-term hazards. It proposes a shift of testing focus from late endpoints to early key events leading to adverse outcomes. The real-life applicability of developed tests will be demonstrated by performing risk assessment in production and recycling facilities and devising a risk mitigation plan. WEBSITE