NIA Support in Agriculture, Pesticides & Biocides

NIA is actively supporting its Members in the area of Agriculture, Pesticides and Biocides. The following is a selection of activites NIA provides to its Members:

  • NIA is an ECHA Accredited Stakeholder and is invited to dedicated ECHA events. As part of its support and service to its Members, NIA prepare its presence to ECHA meetings in close cooperation with its Members to allow for appropriate input from its Members on relevant topics on the meeting agendas; and follow up with detailed minutes available for its Members via the ‘Members Area' at the NIA website.
  • NIA has presented the agriculture, pesticide and biocide sectors in interviews in sector specific magazines and trade journals (e.g. New Ag Products and Trends), and deliver presentations at several international conferences and workshops (e.g. Future Farm World, GrowCanada).
  • NIA has asked the European Commission to clarify the regulatory status of biocidal nanomaterial products that can be used for packaging purposes. More information for NIA Members only
  • NIA provides regularly dedicated briefings for our members, a recent example being the 2011 EPA assessment of biocidal nanosilver.
  • In its newsletter NIA is regularly summarizing international developments in the biocide, pesticide and agricultural sectors.
  • NIA has a large developed network in the biocide and pesticide sectors, ranging from Competent Authorities, EC directorates and risk assessment bodies such as EFSA and ECHA to legal advisors for supporting compilation and submission of application dossiers for authorizations.
  • NIA can actively support its Members in submitting applications for regulatory authorization in the agricultural, pesticide and biocidal sectors.
  • In collaboration with its Members NIA frequently provides briefings on proposed and implemented regulations: E.g. in February 2012, NIA published a detailed briefing (restricted to NIA Members) on a lawsuit filed by a US coalition of nonprofit consumer safety and environmental groups against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for alleged failure to regulate what the coalition deems health and environmental risks stemming from nanotechnology-enabled products put on the market. 
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New JRC Report Provides Overview of Nanomaterials in Food, Feed and Ag

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission published a new paper this month, Nanomaterials for products and application in agriculture, feed and food, which evaluates how nanomaterials are currently used in agricultural production, animal feed, food processing, food additives and food contact materials. The report was conducted at the request of the European Food Safety Authority so regulators can better understand the scope of nanomaterial applications today and in development.