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  1. NIA provides comments to the Global Plan of Action of SAICM

    Posted on: 10 April, 2012

    ... proposal from the government of Switzerland that recommends activities relating to nanotechnologies and manufactured nanomaterials  to be ...

  2. NIA Global Nanomaterials Safety Support

    Posted on: 28 March, 2013

    ... .  NIA is also participating in many other  Activities and Projects related to Global Nanomterials Safety and policies ...

  3. EPA reopens commenting on MWCNT SNURs

    Posted on: 28 July, 2010

    ... Follow these links to  find out more about the EPA’s activities around CNT SNURs , or to download the full  28 July ...

  4. US NIOSH publishes Carbon Nanotube Impact Study

    Posted on: 3 November, 2011

    ... Follow these links to  find out more about NIOSH's activities in nanotechnology , or to  download the full paper . ...

  5. Brazilian Authorities agree on Surveillance of Health Effects of Nano

    Posted on: 3 September, 2013

    ... and Technological Knowledge (CNPq) have agreed to conduct activities related to the monitoring of health effects of materials . Among ...

  6. Meta-Roadmap of Nanomaterials: Strategic Support of Innovation Processes

    Posted on: 4 February, 2010

    ... Follow these links to find out more about the  VDI’s activities in nanotechnology , or to  download the full Meta-Roadmap . ...

  7. NIA performs at EuroNanoForum 2017

    Posted on: 26 June, 2017

    ... three day conference.  Download the slides from our activities and sign up to our non-member newsletter for full details.   ...

  8. European Commission urgently demands science-based Definition of Nanomaterials

    Posted on: 4 March, 2010

    ... ‘The development of the policy and regulatory activities on nanotechnologies requires the establishment of a working ... Follow these links to find out more about  SCENIHR’s activities in nanotechnology , to download the  new Rules of Procedure of ...

  9. (Not only) Nanomaterials pose a Challenge for alternative Safety Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients

    Posted on: 25 January, 2010

    ... OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) activities on The Role of Alternative Methods in Nanotoxicology (OECD WPMN ...

  10. Nanotechnology’s Heart of Gold —The Core of Scientific and Commercial Breakthroughs

    Posted on: 11 February, 2010

    ... links to  find out more about the World Gold Council’s activities in nanotechnology , to  read the full press release , or to  ...