NIA SME Support

NIA supports SMEs through regular updates on developments in policy, regulation, and standardisation, around the world. They furthermore benefit from NIA support through networking events and increased visibility on the NIA’s website and through its regular Newsletters, Members Alerts and Event announcements. In stakeholder consultations NIA represents the needs and limitations of its SMEs through specific evidence on the impact of SMEs.

NIA Services perfect for SMEs are:

NIA Nanotechnology Events Services:
The nanotechnology community sees a great number of conferences, trade fairs and workshops. NIA provides a one stop shop for the information about the events and due to its standing in the community has established relationships with events leading to offers of participation, opportunities for member promotion and the discounts from admittance fees of up to EURO 700o over the duration of a calendar year worth of conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

NIA bespoke Public-Private-Partnerships:
NIA established a track-record in setting up and coordinating Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) that identify the needs and offerings of both the nanotechnology industries and the policy makers and regulators, in order to subsequently match these in a tailor-made value-added collaborative approach to meeting the identified needs. In the last 5 years, NIA created three PPPs in this fashion, encompassing a total value of nearly EURO 10 Million, and providing its Members with data for the approval of their product and policy-makers with peer-reviewed results for the discussion on nanomaterial safety testing, many of which are now being implemented.

NIA support of SMEs in public Projects:
EU Funding under the FP7 often requires large consortia to have a dissemination channel. NIA is providing industrial dissemination under several FP7 programmes. NIA has also been able to signpost SMEs to obtain national or international funding for relevant nanotechnology projects. The project LICARA (Life-Cycle Approach and Human Risk Impact Assessment, Product Stewardship and Stakeholder Risk/Benefit Communication of Nanomaterial) is a publically funded FP7 project for the specific benefit of SMEs. NIA brought two of its SME Members into the consortium and makes the project results available through SME-specific dissemination routes.

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