NIA Members active in the textile industries are supported through several existing NIA Activities & Projects; in collaboration with its Members as well as external stakeholders, NIA frequently initiates new bespoke projects:

NIA actively promotes the benefits of nanotechnologies in several industry sectors. To the textiles industry, NIA provides overviews how nanotechnology brings new perspectives for products, with specific emphasis being laid on the reduced risks for the health and the environment of antimicrobial textiles using nanosilver compared to traditional non-nano biocides.

In its weekly newsletter NIA regularly summarises international developments in the textile sector. NIA has a large developed network in the textile sector ranging from Competent Authorities and EU directorates to legal advisors for supporting compilation and submission of application dossiers for authorisations. Benefiting from a long lasting experience with regulators, NIA actively supports its Members in providing regulatory monitoring and topical alerts and briefings.

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