Instrumentation and measurement equipment has played an pivotal role in launching the scientific discipline of nanotechnology as we know it: since the invention of the Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) in 1981 by Gerd Binning and Heinrich Rohrer at the IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, that allowed the first glimpse of the nanometre scale, instrumentation for both visualisation, analysis and detection of nanomaterials and nanomaterial-enabled products, measurement on the nanometer scale has been a key-enabler for the advancement of nanotechnologies, which in return has innovated the instrumentation and measurement industries.

At NIA, we proactively support the development of key-enabling machinery and metrology equipment and methodologies by creating an environment, in which these state-of-the-art innovations are regarded as solutions and opportunities:

  • we provide instrumentation and measurement companies with enhanced visibility to their key customers both within and outside the NIA’s Membership,
  • at standardisation committees (both on the international, regional and national level), we represent instrumentation and measurement companies and enable direct input through consultations and opinions,
  • free attendance of NIA-organised events and significant discounts on attendance of and exhibition at 3rd- party events saves NIA Members up to EURO 9000 per year,
  • policy-informing and –making organisations receive direct input from instrumentation and measurement equipment manufacturers on the feasibility and economic realisation potential of draft regulations and guidelines, such as in case of the EU Recommendation of a Definition for Nanomaterial, to which NIA provided detailed technical feedback on the technical feasibility to implement the discussed measurement thresholds; at the time, the European Commission welcomed NIA’s feedback by calling it ‘one of the most (if not THE most) constructive and informative submissions to the public consultation […].’

Have a look at Our Membership to see the instrumentation and measurement companies that already benefit from NIA's services, and join today to secure your benefits.

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