BASF publishes nano Communication Recommendations following completion of its Dialog Forum Nano Initiative
BASF has published the final report of its Dialog Forum Nano project for the 2011/12 period. In it the company describes seven areas that manufacturers of nanomaterials should provide information on in order to improve 'transparency in consumers'
Health Canada considers nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide safe to use in Sunscreens
Health Canada has published a draft of its Guidance Document: Sunscreen Monograph. This document 'identifies the permitted ingredients' for sunscreen products in the country, and describes 'the requirements necessary to receive marketing authorization'. Included amongst the ingredients listed are nanoscale zinc oxide and nanoscale titanium dioxide
Iranian INIC publishes its Statnano Database
The Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) has published its 'Statnano Database' online. It is a comparison of the global ranking of countries in the field of nanotechnology, based on the number of patents published between 2009 and 2011
Denmark to build Database on Products containing Nano
The Danish Ministry of the Environment has announced that a database of nanotechnology-related products in the country will be constructed. It is hoped that this will aid the ministry's assessment of the safety issues related to the technology
Chinese and Brazilian Authorities to sign Nanotechnology Patent Agreement
China's National Centre for Research in Nanotechnology Engineering and Brazil's National Nanotechnology Laboratory are set to 'sign a cooperation programme to share the benefits of future patents'
Swiss Organisation to coordinate EU FP7 Project ''SMART-NANO''
A new European Commission (EC) seventh Framework Program (FP7) project has been approved, and will receive EURO 3.5 million of funding
France details mandatory Nanomaterial reporting Plan
An order has been published by the French Department of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy which describes how content and submissions are to be made as part of the country's annual declaration of nanoparticle substances
ICCR discusses Nanomaterials at Meeting; set to release two Nanotechnology Documents
The US FDA has recently published a document detailing the results of the sixth annual meeting of the ICCR. The report, entitled International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR): Outcomes of the Meeting Held July 10-13, 2012, states that discussion amongst the multinational delegation focused on, among other things, nanomaterials
European Parliament STOA publishes Report on 'NanoSafety'
The European Parliament's STOA has published a report entitled NanoSafety - Risk Governance of Manufactured Nanoparticles. The document, published by the EP's DG for Internal Policies, 'deals with the potential EHS risks of engineered nanomaterials'
Danish Ministry of the Environment finds ''no specific risk'' from nano-Silver in Textiles
A survey recently conducted by the Danish Ministry of the Environment has found that there are no 'specific' or 'identified risks' resulting from the use of nanosilver in textiles
US EPA does not expect Nano Regulations to be approved, NGOs claim
A senior scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has recently stated that 'the White House seems to be blocking' efforts being made by the US EPA to regulate nanoscale pesticides. According to the spokesperson, this is because government officials do not wish 'to stigmatize nanomaterials nor stifle the technology'
Netherlands Health Council suggests OHS Measures for engineered Nanoparticles
The Health Council of the Netherlands has today published a draft report looking at the possible OHS measures that the country could take in order to minimise its workers' exposure to engineered nanomaterials. The document, entitled Working with engineered nanoparticles: Exposure registry and a system of health monitoring, also asks stakeholders...
'Nanoparticles in Sunscreens can provide more Protection and more even Coverage' - US Dermatologists emphasise
The President of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recently commented on the concerns regarding sunblockers that contain nanoparticles, stating that the particles in them "have a long history of safe use in sunscreens and offer good options for broad-spectrum UV protection". He also stated that the US FDA sunscreen regulations, announced...
Swedish Environment Minister accuses Nanosilver Products of 'Consumer Fraud'
The Swedish Environment Minister, Lena Ek, has stated that she considers products containing silver nanoparticles to be "double the consumer fraud". She did note, however, that this was her view on the matter "as a private person" and not as a minister
New biocidal Products Regulation restricts Nanomaterial Use
The Council of the European Union has adopted the new regulation on the availability and use of biocidal products; elements of the new regulation, PE-CONS 3/12, are concerned with the use of nanomaterials in biocides. In response to this adoption, the NIA has written a letter to the EC asking it to clarify elements of the new legislation
NIA represented at NanoSafety Symposium
The NIA's Director of Advocacy, David Carlander, gave a presentation at the recently held Safety Issues and Regulatory Challenges of Nanomaterials symposium, covering the topics of industry needs and research activities. The event was coordinated by the EC JRC along with four European seventh Framework Programme (FP7) projects, and was attended by...
SNUR for infused Carbon Nanostructures announced by US EPA
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced significant new use rules (SNURs) for 17 chemical substances, including 'infused carbon nanostructures (generic)', that had been the subjects of pre-manufacture notices (PMNs)
Economic Impact of Nanotechnologies - Background Papers for OECD / US NNI Symposium released
Background papers are now available for download from the recently held International Symposium on Assessing the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology via the US NNI's website. The stated objective of the event was to 'systematically explore the need for and development of a methodology to assess the economic impact of nanotechnology' and featured...
World Economic Forum Experts consider Nanotechnology one of the most important emerging Technologies of 2012
During the Global Agenda 2011 summit, members of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies identified their top ten 'technology trends [which] would have the greatest impact on the world in the near future'; applications of nanotechnology were features of at least four of these
Dutch TV reports on impact of nano-Silver on Environment
On 4 February 2012, the Dutch TV channel Kassa broadcasted a report on nanosilver in sportswear. Entitled Vies luchtje aan nanozilver in sportkleding, it focused on a study that the Dutch NGO Natuur & Milieu had commissioned from a RIKILT laboratory: the study report Silver nanoparticles in textiles (RIKILT Report 2011.016) was released on the...