NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation - Belgian Nanomaterials Registry - Deadline 19 March 2015
NIA is collecting questions and comments on the Belgian Royal Decree on the Market Placement of Manufactured Nanoparticle Substances - C-2014/24329
NIA EXCLUSIVE - Report on NIA Symposium: Expert Analysis on Nano-Regulation and –Policy: Staying Ahead of the Curve
NIA has published the report on its 'Symposium: Expert Analysis on Nano-Regulation and –Policy: Staying Ahead of the Curve', which was held on 19 November 2014 in Brussels, Belgium
UPDATE: European Parliament’s ENVI Committee votes to approve Moratorium on Nano in Food
The European Parliament ENVI Committee has voted to adopt a draft report that ‘proposed a moratorium on the use of nanomaterials in food, based on the precautionary principle’. The report is an amended version of the European Commission’s (EC) January 2014 proposal for a Regulation on Novel Foods 2013/0435 (COD)
France releases Second Report on the Registration of Nanomaterials
Launched in 2013, the French mandatory reporting scheme for nanomaterials that are produced or imported in France has achieved a second round of registration on 1 June 2014; the authorities now published a report on the results of this exercise
Proposed US EPA Nano-specific Rulings for TSCA re-emerge
In 2009 the US EPA initiated work on nano-specific rules under the Toxic Substances Control Act; two notices of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) were later submitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). After four years, the original 2010 NPRMs have been withdrawn by the EPA, and a new NPRM was proposed to the OMB in October 2014
ISO/IEC Survey on Standardisation Needs in Graphene and other 2D Materials - Deadline 21 November 2014
NIA Member the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) is collecting information on the standardisation needs in graphene and other 2D materials in the form of an online survey. This initiative has been undertaken on behalf of the ISO/TC 229 JWG2, and IEC/TC113
Belgian Decree on the Nanomaterial Register published in the Country's Official Journal
The 24 September 2014 edition of the Belgian Official Journal (Le Moniteur Belge) has endorsed the Belgian Royal Decree regarding the Placement on the Market of Substances manufactured at the Nanoscale ; it has been published together with a Report to the King and the opinion of the Council of State
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Briefing: Export Control and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies: the Case of Nanotechnologies
NIA has written an exclusive Members briefing on how nanotechnologies in dual-use goods and technologies are governed both internationally and by relevant US and EU regulations
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultations – Two EU consultations on Horizon 2020 and ‘Science 2.0’
NIA Members are invited to contribute to two consultations the European Commission has recently opened
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: EU SCENIHR Guidance on the Determination of Potential Health Effects of Nanomaterials used in Medical Devices - Deadline: 29 September 2014
NIA Members are invited to contribute to NIA's reply on the SCENIHR consultation on the Guidance on the Determination of Potential Health Effects of Nanomaterials used in Medical Devices
French OHS Agency publishes Guidance on the Identification of Nanomaterials in the Workplace
France's INRS has released a guidance document that aids in the identification of nanomaterials in the workplace. The report provides a summary of occupational health and safety (OHS) knowledge related to nanomaterials
Publications from the ILSI NanoRelease Food Additive Project now freely available
The ILSI NanoRelease Food Additive Project, in which NIA participates, has recently published five scientific publications in the journal Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. An earlier publication had been published in April 2014 in ACS nano
EC publishes Draft Reports of the Impact Assessment on Transparency Measures for Nanomaterials
Ahead of the EC's validation workshop on transparency measures for nanomaterials that will be held on 30 June 2014 in Brussels, three draft reports of the Study to Assess the Impact of Possible Legislation to Increase Transparency on Nanomaterials on the Market have been made public
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Status Update on European Regulations - June 2014
NIA has compiled an exclusive Members report giving a short and concise description and status update on EU regulations that have included specific provisions related to nanotechnology, and on regulations that are indirectly applicable to nanomaterials
US FDA publishes Nanotechnology Guidance for Industry Documents
Implementing the recommendations from its 2007 Nanotechnology Task Force Report, the US FDA published on 24 June 2014 three final guidance documents as well as one draft guidance document for nanotechnology applications in regulated products, including cosmetics and food substances. The documents ‘reflect the FDA’s current thinking’ and contain...
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: EU Transparency Measures for Nanomaterials - Deadline: 4 July 2014
NIA Members are invited to contribute to the draft NIA reply to the EC consultation on a EU-wide nanomaterial register
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Briefing on the proposed European Regulation on Medical Devices
NIA has written a briefing on the proposal for a European Regulation on Medical Devices
NIA to Reply to the EC Consultation on a EU-wide Nanomaterial Register
NIA will reply to the EC consultation on a EU-wide nanomaterial register; the consultation consists of two questionnaires, one for industrial stakeholders and one for non-industrial stakeholders, about the impacts of a potential nanomaterial registry at the EU level; it will be closed on 5 August 2014
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultations on ISO and IEC Standards - Deadlines: 23 May and 17 June 2014
NIA Members are invited to contribute to a ISO/IEC new work item proposal on vocabulary for graphene and to three other IEC/TC 113 documents
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Meeting Report from the March 2014 CEN/TC 352 Meeting
NIA attended the CEN/TC 352 - Nanotechnologies meeting that was held between 19-21 March 2014

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