European Economic and Social Committee outlines the Role of Nanotechnology for EU Competitiveness
On 24 February 2016, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) of the European Union published an own-initiative Opinion on ‘Nanotechnology for a competitive Chemical Industry’, which states 'the importance of nanotechnology should also be more strongly reflected and supported in the EU’s priorities.’
French Healthcare Law requires Government Report on Nanomaterials in Medicines and Medical Devices
On 27 January 2016, the French government enacted the Law for the Modernisation of Our Healthcare System (Loi 2016-41 pour la Modernisation de notre Système de Santé). It commits the French Government to deliver a report on nanomaterial use in medicines and medical devices to the French Parliament by 18 months (June 2017)
Results of 2014 French Nanomaterial Registration made Public
On 23 February 2016, the French Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea, has released the 2015 Report of the national nanomaterial registration scheme ‘r-nano’ (in French). This report analyses the results of the registration of nanomaterial substances imported, manufactured or distributed in France in the previous year (2014)  
US NIOSH opens consultation on Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Silver Nanomaterials Publication
Late January 2016, the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has released a draft document on the Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Silver Nanomaterial. This document contains a literature review as well as recommendations for the safe handling of silver nanoparticles and research needs to fill in data gaps and...
Danish EPA releases Report on Nanomaterial Safety
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the final report of the 'Better Control of Nanomaterials' initiative
Swedish Chemical Agency proposes Registration Scheme for Nanomaterials
Today, the Swedish Chemical Agency (KEMI) has proposed an approach to registering nanomaterials to the Swedish Government. KEMI had been tasked with this report in January 2015
NIA EXCLUSIVE Consultation - EU Scientific Committee seeks Opinion on Testing Guidance and on Nano-Hydroxyapatite – DEADLINE – 5 January 2016
The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety of the European Commission (SCCS) has recently opened two consultations on cosmetics that are set to be closed on 8 January 2015
Oeko-Institut opens Consultation on Two RoHS Exemptions for Cadmium Quantum Dots
The German environmental research institute has been tasked with the re-evaluation of the exemption of the use of cadmium quantum dots (Cd QD) in displays and lighting with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from RoHS2 restrictions, the Oeko-Institut consultation will close on 8 January 2016
European Parliament approves the Novel Foods Regulation with Nano-specific Provisions
On 28 October, the Plenary session of the European Parliament approved the Novel Foods Regulation by 359 to 202 votes with 127 abstentions, the text will now have to be ratified by the Council of the European Union before it enters into force
French Member of Parliament and Government exchange on the Labelling of Products containing Nanoparticles
The Secretary of State for Trade, Crafts, Consumption and Social and Solidarity Economy replied to a written question of Mr René Rouquet from the National Assembly on nanoparticles in consumer products
NIA Exclusive Consultation: The role of standards in your company
As part of the Membership of NIA to nanotechnology standardisation committees, and on behalf of BSI NTI/1 - Nanotechnologies, the Association has put together a short Members survey on the use of nanotechnology standards
EC JRC concludes review of EC Recommendation for a Definition of Nanomaterial
EC JRC published the third and last report of the series of reports on the review of the European Commission Recommendation for a Definition of Nanomaterial (2011/0696)
US EPA extends the Comment Period for the TSCA Nanoscale Material proposed Rule
On 2 July 2015, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a 30-day extension of the comment period for the consultation on the proposed rule: Chemical Substances When Manufactured Or Processed As Nanoscale Materials; TSCA Reporting And Recordkeeping Requirements. Originally set for 6 July 2015, the deadline for submitting...
EP ENVI Committee approves Council’s proposal on Novel Foods
On 25 June 2015, the European Parliament’s committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) has given its support to the compromise text of the Council of the European Union on the proposed Regulation on Novel Foods 2013/0435 (COD)
UPDATE: NIA EXCLUSIVE Consultation - US EPA proposed Rule for TSCA Section 8(a) - DEADLINE: 3 July 2015
NIA is collecting feedback from its Members on the US EPA proposed rulemaking Chemical Substances When Manufactured or Processed as Nanoscale Materials; TSCA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements
OECD publishes Nanomaterial Safety Testing Data on 11 Manufactured Nanomaterials
On 9 June 2015, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) has made its web platform on the testing programme of manufactured nanomaterials public.
Sweden to develop a Nanomaterial Registry
The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) has been tasked with the designing of a national nanomaterial register in Sweden. In 2013, the Swedish authorities had advocated the creation of register in its National Action Plan for the safe use and handling of Nanomaterials.
US EPA announces 11 June 2015 Public Meeting on Proposed Nanoscale Materials Reporting and Recordkeeping Rule
On 11 June 2015, the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold a public meeting on the topic of the proposed rule Chemical Substances when manufactured or processed as Nanoscale Materials; TSCA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements.
UPDATE - NIA EXCLUSIVE Consultation: Canadian Proposed Approaches to Regulating Nanoscale Substances – DEADLINE: 13 May 2015
NIA Members are invited to provide comments to the Canadian Proposed Approaches to Regulating Nanoscale Substances
Nano-sized MBBT considered Safe for use in Cosmetic Products by EU Scientific Committee
The European Commission’s Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) met for a plenary meeting on 25 March 2015. In this meeting, the Committee finalised an opinion on MBBT used in cosmetic products. It concluded that this substance is safe for use in cosmetic products under certain conditions