NIA Webinar - Benefiting from Horizon 2020
On 4 February 2014 NIA will host a free webinar on the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, also known as Horizon 2020
Israel drafts EU-like Cosmetics Regulation
On 23 Oct 2013 Israel notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade of its intention to develop an EU-like cosmetics regulation
ISO issues new Guidance for Nano Labelling of Consumer Products
The Technical Committee on Nanotechnologies of the international Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC 229) has released its Guidance on Voluntary Labelling for Consumer Products containing Manufactured Nano-Objects (ISO/TS 13830:2013)
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: CEN/TC 352 Meeting Report, 30 September - 2 October 2013
NIA attended the CEN/TC 352 meeting that was held between 30 September and 2 October 2013 at the UK NPL campus in Teddington, United Kingdom; a full meeting report is available to NIA Members
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: Two New IEC 80004 series on Nano-enabled electrotechincal and photonic Products and Systems – Deadline: 10 January 2014
NIA Members are invited to comment on two IEC/TC 113 - Nanotechnology Standardization for electrical and electronic Products and Systems committee drafts for new items in the standards 80004 nanotechnology vocabulary series
NIA Position Statement on Recycling and Recovery of Nanomaterials features in Report
An NIA Position Statement on Recycling and Recovery can be found in the Del Stark Technology Solutions (DSTS) Technology Briefing and Scouting Report: Recycling Nanomaterials – Recovery, Life Cycle Analysis and transforming waste into high-value applications
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Briefing: Horizon 2020
NIA has published a members-only NIA briefing looking at the EU's latest common research framework programme, 'Horizon 2020'. In particular it looks at how nanotechnology industries can be supported by this framework for EU research and innovation funds
France publishes Results from the first Round of its Mandatory Nano Reporting Scheme
On 1 January 2013 France launched its mandatory reporting scheme for substances at the nanoscale that are produced or imported into France. A report, entitled Elements from the Declarations of Substances at Nanoscale, was published by the Ministry of the Environment and analyses the results of the first round of this registration
NIA Report - Closing the Gap: The Impact of Nanotechnologies on the global Divide
This NIA report looks into the notion of 'nano-gap' or 'nano-divide' and examines the pros and cons of nanotechnologies and their impact global development and the on-going fight against poverty
New US NIOSH Publication on Current Strategies for Nanomaterial Engineering Controls
US NIOSH has released a document entitled Current Strategies for Engineering Controls in Nanomaterial Production and Downstream Handling Processes
NIA Members Consultation: Input on issues regarding modification on REACH Annexes
At the 11th CASG-nano meeting held on 24 October 2013 several issues were discussed where the participants were invited to provide their written feedback. To support relevant comments from NIA Members a dedicated NIA Members Consultation is initiated
NIA EXCLUSIVE Document: NIA Meeting Report from the 11th CASG-nano Meeting
NIA participated at the 11th CASG-nano (European Commission Competent Authorities Subgroup on Nanomaterials) Meeting, held 24 October 2013. The NIA Meeting Report from is now available for NIA Members
European Parliament amends Nano-related Text in Medical Devices Regulation
Meeting in a plenary session in Strasbourg, France, on 22 October 2013, the European Parliament voted on the Regulation on Medical Devices (2012/0266/COD). The Parliament amended some articles relating to nanomaterials used in medical devices
NIA will attend the next CASG-nano Meeting
NIA will attend the European Commission Competent Authorities Sub-Group on Nanomaterials (CASG-nano) meeting that will be held later in October
Third Stakeholder Meeting on RoHS 2 List of Restricted Substances to be held
Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt), which is responsible for the Study for the Review of the List of Restricted Substances under the directive on the on the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS2) Directive, will organise a third stakeholder meeting on this study on 28 October...
NIA-Nano KTN EXCLUSIVE Meeting Report: Current Developments in Standards and Regulation for Nanotechnologies
On 19 March 2013, NIA co-hosted an event entitled Current Developments in Standards and Regulation for Nanotechnologies with the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) at the UK's National Physics Laboratory's (NPL) facilities in Teddington, United Kingdom
NIA provides Views on Experiences made during the Implementation of the EC Definition of Nanomaterial
NIA has responded to the European Commission's (EC) Joint Research Centre (JRC) Survey on Experiences made during the Implementation of the EC Definition of Nanomaterial. This survey aimed to acquire evidence and feedback from the users of the recommended definition before the EC review
NIA EXCLUSIVE Meeting Report: The Dialogue between Science, Technology and Society around Energy and Climate Change
On 19 September 2013, the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) held a round-table discussion on 'The Dialogue between Science, Technology and Society around Energy and Climate Change'
NIA replies to the European Commission Consulation on the Modification of REACH Annexes for Nanomaterials
NIA has submitted comments to the European Commission's public consultation on the modification of REACH Annexes on nanomaterials. Among the six outlined options in the consultation, NIA prefers option number 5 as this option favours European competitiveness and innovation
Nanomaterials regulated under the Biocidal Product Regulation now in force
The new Regulation on Biocidal products (EU) No 528/2012 is applicable from 1 September 2013. The Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) is the first piece of EU legislation to implement the Commission definition on nanomaterials