Impacts of Nanotechnology on Companies (OECD WPN Report Summary)
OECD and its Working Party on Nanotechnology (WPN) have released the final version of  The Impacts of Nanotechnology on Companies - Policy Insights from Case Studies report aimed at industry and policy making organisations for working on innovation and responsible development of nanotechnology
Nanosilver in Textiles does not affect Skin-Flora
On 10 January 2011 The Hohenstein Institute (Germany) reported on a practical trial of antibacterial clothing that contains nanosilver. The effects of nanosilver on the skin flora and microclimate were investigated
Developments in Nanotechnology - Review 2010 / 2011 Preview
The last 12 months were eventful ones for the nanotechnology community, and the next 12 months already promise to easily top the events of 2010. The publication and implementation of regulatory nanomaterial definitions, and further reviews and amendments of national and federal regulations, such as mandatory reporting schemes, are just a few of...
Nanoelectronics Patents - US PTO’s Christmas Present to Nanotechnology Innovators
During the week leading up to Christmas, the US Patent Trademark Office (US PTO) issued a dozen newly issued Class 977 nanotechnology patents, most in the area of electronics
Delayed Implementation of Safer Consumer Product Alternatives Regulations: Implications for Nanoscale Materials
In response to concerns vigorously expressed by diverse stakeholders over the final draft of the Safer Consumer Product Alternatives (SCPA) Regulations, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) has effectively delayed implementation of the much-anticipated regulations
Everything you always wanted to know about Nanotechnology Textiles
Nanowerk Spotlight provides a detailed account of the application of Nanotechnology Textiles, explaining that '"Nano Textiles" can be produced by a variety of methods. The key difference among them is whether synthetic nanoparticles are integrated into the fibres or the textile, or are applied as a coating on the surface, and/or whether...
EU Council mandates Member State initiated 'Harmonized Database for Nanomaterials'
The Council of the European Union adopted a conclusion to provide a mandate to the European Commission to 'evaluate the need for the development of specific measures for nanomaterials relating to risk assessment and management, information and monitoring, including the further development of a harmonized database for nanomaterials, while...
NIA EXCLUSIVE - Restricted Docs & Pubs: Towards a Regulatory Framework for Nanomaterials' Traceability
On the 16th December 2010, the Nanomaterials Coordinator for the Belgian Presidency presented to the 6th Meeting of the REACH Competent Authorities Subgroup on Nanomaterials CASG-Nano the Belgian Presidency Conclusions and Next Steps 'Towards a regulatory framework for nanomaterials' traceability' '
Where are all the nano-Investors?
Economic downturn and some uncertainty in economies around the world with additional cuts in government funding set a very bleak picture for the investment landscape for start-ups in any technology driven sector like nanotechnology. What trends and specific features of nanotech industry are still attractive to investors and what could we expect to...
Obama is crowdsourcing NNI Strategy Comments
The White House unveiled a draft for a $1.76 billion programme to start in the year 2011. This is the continuation of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), based on a strategy document that was put to the public for comments on the 1 November 2010 until the 30 November 2010
NIA Breaking News: NIA's proactive Initiative regarding regulatory Action on Nanomaterials
Following the Belgian Presidency's proposal for a mandatory register of nanomaterials, and the overwhelming resonance this proposal struck amongst other European Member States, it's clear that these national regulations will go forward and that the worse-case scenario will be for industries to be faced with nanomaterial-specific regulations in at...
Nanotech Investment held steady throughout the financial Crisis
Market research and advisory firm Lux Research has published a report comparing ‘nanotech innovation and technology development in 19 countries in order to provide government policymakers, corporate leaders and investors a detailed map of the nanotech’s international development landscape’
‘Ten Things you should know about Nanotechnology’
Nanowerk has published a website explaining Ten Things you should know about Nanotechnology. According to the Nanowerk website announcement, the explanation was developed and published in reaction to numerous questions about nanotechnologies
OECD publishes ‘Nanotechnology: an Overview based on Indicators and Statistics’
The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has published a report, entitled Nanotechnology: An Overview Based on Indicators and Statistics (STI Working Paper 2009/7). The report has been written by members of the OECD Working Party on Nanotechnology
ObservatoryNANO publishes first annual Project Report
The ObservatoryNANO project, which will be funded by the European Union's Framework 7 Programme (FP7) for 4 years, aims to address the ‘complex and rapidly changing field [of nanotechnology], which is often difficult to assess in terms of opportunities, challenges and risks’
Nanotechnology highlighted as Priority Area for EU-Malaysia Cooperation
The EC Director of International Cooperation in Science and Technology has called for a full utilisation of the EU FP7. Explaining that the new Framework Programme 7 -- from 2007-2013-- had a total budget of EUR 54 billion, she noted that it was aimed at boosting innovation and research capacity, and that it would, at the same time, enhance EU...
Innovation unravelled — new Tool evaluates emerging Technologies
Lux Research has introduced a new tool for evaluating emerging technology companies. According to a press release, ‘the Lux Innovation Grid, provides a standard reference for evaluating companies active in emerging technologies, based on the proprietary insights of Lux Research’s highly-regarded analyst team’
Intermediates promise to deliver the largest Returns of Nanotechnology Value Chains
According to the latest State of the Market report, intermediate nanotechnology-enabled products promise the biggest return on investment: ‘Lux Research used its value chain framework to measure and forecast adoption across four major industry sectors – manufacturing and materials, electronics and IT, healthcare and life sciences, and energy and...
US voluntary Nanomaterials Reporting Scheme 'considered successful'
Following its announcement in November 2008, the US EPA today published an Interim Report on the EPA Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (NMSP), aiming to ‘summarize the information that has been submitted to the Agency under the Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program’
US EPA plans interim Evaluation of its Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program
The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) published in its Fall 2008 Regulatory Agenda (released on the 24 November 2008) an announcement about the next steps in its Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (NMSP)