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Nanotechnology Industries Association Announces New Director General

The Board of Directors for the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), the sector-independent and responsible voice for the industrial nanotechnologies supplies chain, has formally selected Dr. David Carlander to serve as the permanent NIA Director General.

NIA underlines Position on Nano Registers in Magazine Article

A recent article by the ENDS Europe, entitled NGOs slam Commission’s nano register position, discussed comments made by a group of NGOs that ‘the Commission’s [working] conclusions [with regard to the transparency measures for nanomaterials] fail to provide the right balance between private and public interests’. NIA was asked for its comments on this matter by ENDS Europe

NIA highlights Concerns over “Red Tape” for Nano in Magazine Interview

An interview with NIA’s Director of Advocacy, Dr David Carlander, has been featured in the latest issue of the magazine International Innovation. In it Dr Carlander discusses a number of topics, including nanophotonics, fuel storage solutions, the NIA symposium ‘Expert Analysis on Nano-Regulation and Policy: Staying Ahead of the Curve’, and various projects NIA is involved in

BASF discusses Grouping and Read-Across in ECHA Newsletter

The ECHA has interviewed Dr Robert Landsiedel, from NIA Member BASF, in the latest edition of its newsletter. In it Dr Landsiedel discusses ‘using read-across and categories to improve safety of nanomaterials’

NIA comments on Issues Nano faces from Biocides Regulation

NIA’s Director of Advocacy Dr David Carlander has explained that the restrictions posed for nanomaterials by the new Biocidal Products Regulation are “unfortunate”. His comments were reported by two media outlets, Chemical Watch and ENDS Europe

NIA highlights Impact of Nanotech Regulations on Industry in Webinar

An article published by Bloomberg BNA has quoted NIA Director-General Dr Steffi Friedrichs on the way in which the nanotechnology industries are being affected by regulatory developments worldwide. The article juxtaposes the view of a recently released OECD report with the view expressed by Dr Friedrichs in a webinar she recently presented at

BASF has first UV Filter approved for Use in European Cosmetics

NIA Member BASF’s Tinosorb A2B has become the first UV filter ‘to be included in the positive list (Annex VI) of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation’. The product, which contains ‘particle sizes smaller than 100 nanometres’, was approved after assessment by the EC SCCS. “After a long approval process we are delighted that we are now allowed to bring the UV filter to market and that our customers can use it in sunscreen products”

NIA Response to EC Consultation calls Nano Transparency Measures that come on top of existing Ones “inappropriate”

NIA has responded to the EC's public consultation on transparency measures for nanomaterials on the market, commenting that ‘nanomaterials should not be discriminated against based on the sole factor of their size – any transparency measure that would come on top of the existing regulatory framework is therefore inappropriate’. NIA believes that a European registry would increase neither safety nor consumer confidence, but would in fact encourage innovation to migrate out of the EU and run the risk of the societal benefits of nanotechnology not materialising for European citizens


The Nanotechnology Industries Association has become an associate member of the Nano Regions Alliance (NANORA). NANORA is a ‘unique network of public policy institutions, associations, clusters and research and technology centres’ that support nanotechnology research and business in order to help fully exploit ‘regional nanotechnology potentials’

NIA outlines Industry Unease over Nano Reporting Schemes in Article

NIA's Director of Advocacy, David Carlander, recently explained that “the nanotechnology industry is opposed to the [reporting] schemes” as no clear benefits have been defined. The quotes were made in article entitled Europe mulls best way to handle nanotech, where the publication asked a number of commentators on their thoughts about nanomaterial registers being undertaken in Europe

NIA comments that National Nano Registers have been detrimental for Nanotechnology

At the recently held EC Validation Workshop on Nano Transparency Measures, NIA's Director General Dr Steffi Friedrichs commented that ‘none of the current registers has fully addressed the issue of nanomaterial safety’. Furthermore ‘they have actually been detrimental to nanotechnology, with customers asking for products not containing nanomaterials in France’