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NIA represented at NanoSafety Symposium

The NIA's Director of Advocacy, David Carlander, gave a presentation at the recently held Safety Issues and Regulatory Challenges of Nanomaterials symposium, covering the topics of industry needs and research activities. The event was coordinated by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) along with four European seventh Framework Programme (FP7) projects, and was attended by 'the main protagonists of the nanotechnology communities'.

The symposium offered:

  • 'Four different projects: four different ways to approach nanosafety
  • Regulatory testing of ENM (Engineered Nanomaterials) and an international perspective
  • Challenges in nanosafety research: new materials and technologies
  • Nanomaterials interactions with living systems
  • Exposure and risk assessment of ENM
  • End of life related issues for nanoproducts'

In its presentation, the NIA stated that research need to be of added value and usable for informing policy, and discussed issues related to potential regulatory compliance, the prioritisation of standardisation, and in-house product development.


Registered NIA Members can download the full presentation. Members and non-Members can follow this link to read the JRC's announcement of the event.

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