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Stakeholder Comments on RoHS2 published; next Steps announced

Environment Agency Austria has published the contributions of stakeholder groups responding to its 3rd Internet Consultation on the draft methodology manual for the identification and assessment of substances for potential restriction under RoHS 2. NIA was one of the organisations which provided a response, and its input has been summarised by a journalistic organisation.

An announcement by the European Commission states that ‘the schedule for the 4th (final) internet consultation and the 3rd stakeholder meeting’ is now available. The next internet consultation will begin on 7 Oct 2013 and last a month, whilst the third meeting shall be held on 28 Oct 2013.

The EC also provided a reminder that a draft of the report should be ready by 29 Nov 2013, with the final version coming 20 Dec 2013.

RoHS is the EC’s Directive restricting hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


Follow this link to view Environment Agency Austria’s page with all of the contributions to the third internet consultation, and this view the EC’s announcement of the schedule. Follow this link to view NIA’s comments to the last consultation, and this to read the summary of NIA’s position by ChemicalWatch (subscribers only).

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