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Presentations from EC Workshop on Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials now available

The European Commission (EC) hosted a workshop at the end of January 2013 'to present and discuss the main findings of the Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials'. This event brought together 'representatives from the European Parliament, Member States and stakeholders'. Many of the presentations from it have been made available to the public.

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) gave a talk at this meeting, presenting Why is existing Regulation sufficient to ensure safe use of Nanomaterials and what can Industry do to generate Trust. It stated that there should be more belief in the scientific work that has been carried out thus far, as well as greater trust in both government and industry. An example is provided to highlight the problems facing nanotechnology when these institutions are not trusted. Furthermore the Association asks the question, 'when will [we] stop asking for more and start looking at (and using) what we have?'

A full video recording of the workshop and all of the presentations is available; timings for them are provided alongside the PDF versions of the presentations.


Follow this link to access all of the presentations made at the workshop and this link to watch the video recording. Follow this to view the NIA's presentation at the meeting, and this to read the NIA's reporting on the EC's Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials.

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