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NIA Views on Biocides Regulation and Danish Register summarised by News Organisation

NIA’s Director of Advocacy David Carlander has lamented elements of the newly-introduced Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), stating that, “we would have preferred the Regulation to be technically neutral”. The comments were contained in an article published by ChemicalWatch, where Dr Carlander has also been cited as calling some of the regulation’s obligations ‘unnecessary and unfortunate’.

He added that, as ‘nano[scale] active substances will not be considered for the simplified approval procedure’ under the regulation, there “is a strong disincentive for companies to bring more benign products to the EU market”. Dr Carlander did note, however, that the use of the EC’s recommended definition of nanomaterial in the regulation is beneficial.

ChemicalWatch has also published an article summarising NIA’s comments on the draft executive order for a Danish registry of nanomaterial products.


Follow these links to read NIA’s reporting of the BPR and view CW’s summarising of NIA’s comments on the BPR and the registry (CW subscribers only).

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