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NIA unveils free Calendar Subscription Service

NIA is pleased to announce that a free events calendar service is now available to all site visitors. This feature will allow them to quickly upload all the events NIA is promoting straight into their own calendars, meaning they can have the latest information on the most important industrial nanotechnology at the push of a button.

By pressing ‘subscribe to our events’ on any page, they will be able to have our list's exclusive events integrate seamlessly with your calendar (ICal, Google Calendar, etc), thereby making them the first to hear about the important events concerning their area of interest.

Of course, NIA's membership scheme is still the best way to gain exclusive access to these events. By joining us you will receive significant discounts on all events as well as free access to NIA hosted events.


Make sure you don't miss these opportunities by subscribing to our calendar, and by joining the NIA today.

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