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NIA Technology Forecast in the Spotlight

Today the global nanotechnology news provider NanoWerk highlighted the recently published NIA Forecast on Emerging Technologies in an exclusive NanoWerk Spotlight report; the report compares the NIA’s Forecast to other publications, such as Peter Petri’s Detailed Roadmap of the 21st Century and the US NSF’s report on Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and comes to the verdict that the NIA’s Forecast represents a third type of forecasts, which ‘might be the most useful; here, the input comes from the group of people who live and breathe the technology every day - the companies developing, building and selling products and services. Of course, the focus of this type of forecast necessarily becomes increasingly blurry as well as it looks into the future, but it tends to avoid the hyperbole and a lot of the speculative nature of other types of forecast’.

"The forecast is reviewed regularly, in order to obtain an iterative identification of the industries' long-term aspirations" says Dr Paul Reip, Founder & CTO of QinetiQ Nanomaterials.


Follow these links to read the full NanoWerk Spotlight, or to download the NIA Forecast on Emerging Technologies.

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