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NIA Symposium - Grouping & Read-Across for Nanomaterials + NIA AGM

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) is hosting a workshop on 'Grouping & Read-Across for Nanomaterials', to be held in Brussels (Belgium) on 26 Nov 2013. It will be followed by the Association's Annual General Meeting (attendance for NIA Members only).

Two years after the European Commission published its ‘Recommendation on the Definition of Nanomaterial’ (for regulatory and policy purposes), which deems an estimated 50% of all commercially-used materials to be ‘nanomaterials’, the stakeholder groups most responsible for the implementation of characterisation and testing are urging a move away from the currently recommended case-by-case analysis of individual nanomaterials to a more efficient and sustainable approach.

In order to facilitate this move, several questions are being addressed:

  • How can nanomaterials be ‘grouped’ or ‘categorised’ so as to:
  • reduce the number of measurements and tests that need to be performed;
  • allow for a ‘safety-by-design’ approach; and
  • identify the relevant Substance Identity (SID)?
  • Which parameters play a role in the grouping of nanomaterials (i.e. physchem characteristics, hazard profiles, bioavailability, etc.)?
  • How can ‘read-across’ from the bulk form of a material be applied to a nanomaterial of the same chemical composition (and vice versa)?

Speakers invited to discuss the topics include:

  • Andrej Kobe, European Commission, DG ENV
  • Wim de Coen, ECHA
  • Brad Fisher, Environment Canada


NIA will answer these questions and more at its symposium! Follow this link to learn more about the event, and this link to register to attend. Follow this link to read more about the AGM.

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