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NIA for Sustainability

What can nanotechnology industries do for your business’ quest for environmental sustainability? Find out in this month’s issue of Sustainable Solutions, a bi-monthly UK-based journal, launched in October 2006, which is a resource for all UK and European companies who wish to meet their corporate social responsibilities by moving towards sustainable business methods.

With the aid of the Nanotechnology Industries Association, the article (pages 60-61 of the magazine) features a case study of Oxonica’s Envirox fuel-borne catalyst, which is said to deliver savings in fuel consumption of between 5%-10%.

‘Nanotechnologies already provide unique solutions for some of mankind’s biggest problems, from the sustainable generation, storage and use of energy, to the supply of clean drinking water and remediation of polluted soil, to the improvement of medical care.’ says Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Director of the NIA.

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