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NIA supports UK CST Nanotechnology Review in an interview with ZDNet UK

Just a few years ago, this country led the world in the study of nanotechnology. It does not anymore,’ notes the NIA Director in an interview with ZDNet UK in support of the UK Council for Science and Technology (CST) Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Review.

The CST report argued that the government was in "responsive mode" when it comes to funding nanotech. ‘Basic toxicology work, although vital, may not be the most innovative or cutting-edge research and thus will rightly not be funded by the Research Councils’, it argued.


Follow this link to read the interview with ZDNet, and this link to read the CST Review.

(NIA’s comment: some of the quotes in this article do not reflect the interviewee’s real description of the nature and remit of the NIA.)

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