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NIA supports UK CST Nanotechnology Review

The NIA has issued a public response to the UK Council for Science and Technology (CST) Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Review. In its comment the NIA agrees that more needs to be done to support the responsible advancement of nanotechnology innovation in the UK and suggests possible strategies to achieve this.

The NIA’s response has been covered by the Financial Times (FT) in today’s report, entitled World lead in nanotechnology lost, in which the Director of the NIA stresses that ‘companies would support the report's call for the government to ring-fence part of the research budget for work on the toxicology and health and environmental impacts of nanomaterials’.


Follow this link to read the NIA's response to CST's report, and this link to read the report itself. Follow this link to read the FT article (subscribers to their magazines only).

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