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NIA supports the Commercialisation of Environmentally Beneficial Nanotechnologies

'Crucial to [the] advancements [of nanotechnologies] having an impact on climate change will be improving the public's understanding of nanotechnology's benefits, particularly with regards to health and safety issues, ensuring that the commercialisation process is not unnecessarily delayed,’ says Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Director of the Nanotechnology Industries Association, today in relation to the launch of UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' (DEFRA) report on Environmentally Beneficial Nanotechnologies: Barriers and Opportunities.

‘The NIA is currently working with central Government, [the] nanotechnology sector, wider business, scientific bodies and environmental groups, to develop standards and protocols around the issue of health and safety,’ she adds in an NIA press release.


Follow this link to read DEFRA's report.

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