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NIA submits Evidence to UK House of Lords inquiry on ‘Nanotechnologies and Food’

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has submitted Comments on the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee - Call for Evidence: Nanotechnologies and Food.

In its comments, the NIA gives evidence on the following categories of questions:

  • State of the science and its current use in the food sector
  • Health and safety
  • Regulatory framework
  • Public engagement and consumer information

Amongst other comments, the NIA recommended that a generalisation of ‘nanotechnologies should be avoided, especially in consideration of questions on ‘Health and Safety’, as well as ‘Risk Assessment’:

  • ‘Nanotechnologies are enabling technologies, which help to improve existing products and enable the development of entirely new applications and products’
  • ‘The use of nanotechnologies as an innovation to processing methodologies and tools, as well as the use of nanotechnology-enables smart packaging and food-safety screening detector and sensors does not create any new properties in the final food/drink product; therefore, risk assessments apply as before’

The submitted evidence is expected to be discussed by Subcommittee I during a meeting on the 24 March 2009.


Follow these links to download the NIA Comments on the Housel of Lord inquiry.

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