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NIA responds to Changes proposed for Danish Chemicals Act

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has issued a response to the Danish Ministry of the Environment following its announcement that it plans to create a national database of nanotechnology-related products. The NIA 'anticipates that the provided comments will be considered...during...revision of the chemical law'.

An impact assessment on the effects of the proposal was 'strongly recommended' by the association. This would help the authority predict how any changes would affect Danish industries as well as the country's competitiveness and innovation. Questions were also raised by the association about whether the proposed measure would even provide 'the required information'.

Comments from the NIA were based around:

  • Limitations in the EU recommendation for a nanomaterial definition
  • The increased administrative burden for manufacturers and importers in the Danish market
  • The 'questionable usefulness' of information collected by the database
  • The low 100g threshold for eligibility under the reporting requirements
  • The specification list on the information parameters in the database


Follow this link to view the NIA's comments to the Danish Ministry of the Environment, and this link to read the NIA's previous reporting of the plans to set up a nano-product database.

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