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NIA replies to Danish EPA Public Consultation on a national Nanomaterial Product Register

NIA has submitted its comments to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's (Miljøstyrelsen) public consultation, which was launched 4 July 2013. This was related to a draft executive order for a register of mixtures and products that contain or release nanomaterials, and obligated manufacturers and importers to provide information to the register.

NIA is increasingly concerned about EU Member States putting in place their own requirements for data collection, and strongly believes that it would be in the interest of industry and many other stakeholders for an EU wide policy on these issues to be adopted. The paperwork and cost burden on SMEs to meet the requirements for each EU Member State is onerous and detrimental to innovation and the development of new products. This measure will hamper not only Danish competitiveness but also the EU free market’s competitiveness at large.


The NIA reply provided specific comments related to the draft executive order and can be downloaded. Follow this link to view the Danish public consultation (in Danish), and this to view previous NIA input on the subject.

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