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NIA receives RAEng grant to enhance Engineers’ Public Engagement Skills

The Nanotechnology Industries Association has been granted GBP 35,000 to develop and conduct an Advanced Workshop Course in Public Communication and Applied Ethics for Nanotechnologists. The grant was awarded by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Programme (Ingenious – engaging citizens; engaging engineers); it funds an NIA-led consortium to create a 5-day advanced workshop course for UK-based research and company engineers (postgraduate and upwards) working in the field of nanotechnology.

The course will enable participants to:

  • increase their awareness of the associated public communication and applied ethical issues
  • encourage, support and train them in communicating confidently with the public, the media and politicians about such topics in their own fields of nanotechnology
  • enable them to carry out such activities in their own organisational settings

The course organisation consortium consists of the NIA, Cambridge Biomedical Consultants Ltd, and St Edmund's College, where the workshop course will be held in 2009.


Follow this link to find out more about the RAEng Ingenious Scheme.

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