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NIA Public Briefing: Nanotechnology and the Council of Europe

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted a recommendation on balancing nanotechnologies benefits and risks to public health and the environment at the Assembly’s 2013 spring session held in Strasbourg, France. This recent activity in the Council of Europe has been followed by the NIA which has written a public briefing on nanotechnology and the Council of Europe.

'Over the past few years, some organs and committees from the Council of Europe have been looking at three topics related to nanotechnologies:

  • the benefits and risks of nanotechnologies
  • nanotechnologies in biomedical technologies and its ethical implications
  • the impacts of nanotechnologies on privacy'

This NIA briefing gives an overview of the activities of this international organisation and of its increasing interest in nanotechnologies. It also clarifies who the principal actors are, what roles they play and what is the potential impact of their action.


NIA Members and non-Members can download the full briefing with the following link: Nanotechnologies and the Council of Europe.

For any responses or comments on the issue of Nanotechnologies and the Council of Europe, please write to Guillaume Flament, Public and Regulatory Affairs Officer at NIA.

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