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NIA provides Industrial Stakeholder Feedback at European Project Meeting

The NIA's Director General, Dr. Steffi Friedrichs, was part of a panel discussion at a recent stakeholders workshop for the European Union (EU) funded project, Nanogenotox. Amongst others, this looks at regulatory issues surrounding the genotoxicity assessment of nanomaterials. As part of this discussion, the NIA represented one of the 'main categories of stakeholders...[the] professional federations representing companies'.

Dr. Friedrichs 'applauded the scientists for the work done', and singled out the efforts made on multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as 'being the kind of results that need to be communicated early into the right channels' so that they 'can be used for both risk management and safe design'. The Director General did note, however, that 'nothing was shown on exposure, full risk assessment, and risk management options' during the presentation of the work package related to the 'Evaluation of the Joint Action', and as such advised that there should be more conclusions in the remaining 9 months.  

The aim of the Nanogenotox Joint Action project is 'to establish a robust methodology to assess the potential genotoxicity of MNs (Manufactured Nanomaterials) and to generate data on the genotoxic effect of certain reference materials'. This particular workshop was convened in order to 'inform the stakeholders of the preliminary results..., to provide a forum for discussion between scientific partners of the Action and stakeholders and to share experts' knowledge and experiences about the critical issues specific for the genotoxicity assessment of nanomaterials in a regulatory context'.


Follow this link to view the workshop summary released by the Nanogenotox project, and this link to learn more about the project in general.

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