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NIA participates in Panel Discussion on Nanotech Commercialisation

NIA Director General Steffi Friedrichs recently took part in a panel discussion on the commercialisation of nanotechnologies in Europe. The panel was organised by the NANOFORCE project during the tenth Hessen Nanotechnology Forum.

Dr Friedrichs discussed her role as a liaison between government agencies, companies and the public. She stated in the discussion that there had recently been a paradigm shift, moving the focus of discussions more onto the possibilities presented by nanotech rather than the safety questions it posed.

Other panellists stated that safety testing was a key criterion for investors looking to buy into new technologies; nevertheless there are currently good opportunities for investment in nanotechnologies, even considering the currently difficult climate of the venture capital arena. It was also noted that studies indicate the public see nanotechnologies more positively than companies believe.


Follow this link to read a press release related to the panel discussion. Follow these to learn more NANOFORCE and the tenth Hessen Nanotechnology Forum.

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