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NIA part of cross-Industry Message on the Need for safe and innovative Nanotechnologies

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has lent its voice to a document calling for the responsible development of nanotechnologies. The paper, Europe needs safe and innovative nanotechnologies, is supported by numerous European industry associations.

In it the associations provide their backing to the EC’s 2nd Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials and ‘its conclusion that the current European regulatory framework adequately covers nanomaterials, is science-based and proportionate’. They also state that ‘[…] the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulation provides the [most] appropriate framework to address nanomaterials […]’ and that openness and transparency are vital for the growth of the nanotechnology industries.

Some of the other key messages from the bodies are:

  • ‘Nanotechnologies are part of the set of technologies that contribute to solving important challenges that our society is facing […]
  • Europe needs nanotechnologies to achieve the goals of the EU 2020 strategy […]
  • Safety is paramount […]
  • A common workable definition system for defining nanomaterials is welcome […]
  • Europe cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities provided by nanotechnologies and the benefits they bring […]’


Follow this to read the entire document, and this to read more of NIA’s reporting on the 2nd Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials.

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