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NIA outlines Industry Unease over Nano Reporting Schemes in Article

The Nanotechnology Industries Association’s (NIA) Director of Advocacy, David Carlander, recently explained that “the nanotechnology industry is opposed to the [reporting] schemes” as no clear benefits have been defined. The quotes were made in article entitled Europe mulls best way to handle nanotech, where the publication asked a number of commentators on their thoughts about nanomaterial registers being undertaken in Europe.

‘Industry groups are the most vocal critics of nanomaterial registries, largely because they bear a large share of the costs of testing and registration, as well as any impact on product development and sales’, according to the article. Dr Carlander noted that the registration process could represent “an extra workload” and thus ‘hamper innovation, job creation and competitiveness and erode consumer confidence in nanotechnology’. He also mentioned that “industries are very concerned about the requirement to submit confidential business information, which may not be fully protected within the current set up of the registries”.

The article describes the Danish, French and Belgian reporting schemes, and also describes the situation with the REACH Regulation and how that may come to supersede all of the national schemes in Europe. Another commentator in the article laments that for nanotechnologies, there have been “genuine but ill-formed and ill-conceived questions about policies and regulations to ensure safety…The question is, are engineered nanomaterials a class of material that are sufficiently distinct that nano-specific registries make sense?”


Follow this link to read the full article, and this to read NIA’s latest reporting on the Danish, Belgian and French nano-registries, as well as on REACH.

NIA Members can follow this link to view the latest on these regulations and more in the NIA Regulatory Monitoring Database.

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