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NIA outlines how nanotechnology could benefit the Agriculture Industry

In an article published by the magazine Farmers Weekly, the NIA's Director of Advocacy, David Carlander, outlined the benefits nanotechnology applications are set to bring to the agriculture sector. The article, entitled Think smart and small for the future of crop protection, also looks at how another technology, robotics, could be used 'to carry out the in-field operations'.

The NIA stated that 'reformulation of existing active ingredients..., smart delivery systems such as nanoencapsulation and biosensors' are some of the ways in which applied nanotechnology will 'benefit the industry tremendously'. These will not, however, incur greater costs for producers: "Nanotechnology is following traditional technology market entrance patterns. As demand increases, the cost of supplying will be reduced as a consequence of economies of scale".

Another potential benefit of nanotech in the agriculture industry can be realised through the use of nanoemulsions. According to the article, these would grant 'improved efficacy' in ingredient uptake and 'the opportunity to overcome incompatibilities' in combination ingredients.


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