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NIA Members named Exemplary Climate-friendly Companies

UK-based independent ‘Climate-Change’-news provider today published a list of the Top 20 climate-friendly companies, large and small, honouring two corporate members of the Nanotechnology Industries Association as environmental leaders:

  • Unilever is a recognised leader in the ‘Household Goods’-sector, in recognition for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions in its manufacturing operations by more than 30% in the last decade, sourcing nearly 15% of it energy from renewable sources in 2006 alone, and for introducing low-energy ice-cream cabinets that use hydrocarbons instead of CFCs or HCFC as refrigerants.
  • Johnson Matthey, mentioned as an ‘Opportunity Pick’ in the ‘Transport’-sector, is celebrated for supplying platinum to the inventor of the fuel cell in 1839, and since then establishing itself as the world’s largest supplier of catalysts and components for fuel cells.


Follow this link to view the full Top 20 list on the ClimateChangeCorp website.

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